Advantage delivers

Newspaper publishers worldwide rely on Advantage to handle their business.

Advantage supports any frequency, including daily, weekdays, weekend-only or one-day-of-the-week distribution. We can process multiple editions with automated geo-based edition assignment. 

Additionally, we have alternate delivery capability with incident tracking, newsstand and bulk distribution and the option to pay in arrears for issues received during a period (such as monthly) with count-based price-per-issue (price changes on 50th issue, for example).

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Do you need solution sets for these functions? Advantage delivers

  • Issue groups for weekend, weekday
  • Editions, supplements
  • Digital and print combinations, synchronized
  • Customer pricing journeys
  • Renewal flexibility
  • Home delivery, future and temp address management
  • Renewal flexibility, autocharge/autorenew, gracing
  • Distribution claim management
  • Billing after service / in arrears
  • Auto charge through direct debit, credit card, digital wallet solutions
  • Vast API, reporting and integration toolbox

Contact us to find out how we can deliver for your newspaper publications.