Advantage delivers

If you publish digital news content along with your print publications, Advantage provides hundreds of features designed to manage these offerings, together or separate, with ease! One of Advantage’s most sophisticated offerings is a powerful “synchronization” feature that bundles and renews your subscribed digital and print together, all while serving them “in sync.”

Advantage supports any frequency, including daily, weekdays, weekend-only or one-day-of-the-week distribution. We can process multiple editions with automated geo-based edition assignment. 

Additionally, we have alternate delivery capability with incident tracking, newsstand and bulk distribution and the option to pay in arrears for issues received during a period (such as monthly) with count-based price-per-issue (price changes on 50th issue, for example).

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Do you need solution sets for these functions? Advantage delivers

  • Issue groups for weekend, weekday
  • Editions, supplements
  • Digital and print combinations, synchronized
  • Customer pricing journeys
  • Renewal flexibility
  • Home delivery, future and temp address management
  • Renewal flexibility, autocharge/autorenew, gracing
  • Distribution claim management
  • Billing after service / in arrears
  • Auto charge through direct debit, credit card, digital wallet solutions
  • Vast API, reporting and integration toolbox

Contact us to find out how we can deliver for your newspaper publications.