Our Company

AdvantageCS is a privately held corporation located in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA.  We have developed software for publishers and membership organizations since 1980, and have a global reputation for superior products and service. AdvantageCS is a trusted partner of many of the world’s leading information companies, and our experienced, professional staff averages more than 12 years with the company.

Our History

AdvantageCS was founded in 1979 under the name T and B Computing as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Townsend and Bottum, Inc. From the beginning, the platform offered an integrated solution for subscriptions and books, and this integration remains a cornerstone of the software today. The company became an independent corporation in 1992, when its current shareholders purchased it. Shortly thereafter---in 1997---we changed our name to Advantage Computing Systems to better reflect our presence in the market, and shortened it to AdvantageCS in 2013. Since then, we have grown steadily and now employ more than 80 full-time staff members.

ACS building