Advantage delivers

The most comprehensive system for managing your newsletter anywhere in the world.

Get the advantage today of forced-free trials and other introductory offers providing varying content and ride-along inserts/offers and employing retention tools to keep your reader revenue growing. Benefit by tracking and seeing detailed views about your subscriptions. Plus, our unsurpassed development team will make sure everything in your system is integrated. 

Publishers Newsletter Background
Publishers Newsletter

Do you need solution sets for these functions? Advantage delivers.

  • Promotion flexibility
  • Forced-free trials
  • Trial conversion to paid
  • Renewals with step-up pricing
  • Bundling of products and publications
  • Retention
  • eCommerce and self-service
  • Auto charge through direct debit, credit card, digital wallet solutions
  • Vast API, reporting and integration toolbox

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Unlimited Promotions

Apply unlimited pricing structures & promotions

Like customizing pricing by issues, time, geography and currency; awarding loyalty points and running sweepstake contests; offering gift subscription messages/cards; and providing renew-to-done alternatives.

You can also institute comprehensive gracing rules, reduce lead time through integration with distribution vendors and create renewal price paths to move customers to standard pricing over time.