Advantage addresses all your business process needs
Advantage addresses all your business process needs
With the rapid expansion of consumer preference for online access to content through subscription and membership models — whether you’re a publisher, subscription box provider or membership association — you need a market responsive order-to-cash solution.

Built to create a better customer experience

Whether you’re supplying a mom with a book of classic fairy tales to read to her child, a physician with access to a journal highlighting the latest epidemiology research, a teacher with an eBook on the history of native peoples or an entrepreneur reviewing a business magazine discussing venture capital – you need a versatile subscription management platform that can deliver seamlessly to meet all of these needs.

That’s Advantage. It helps you create the best experience for your customers by covering all of the bases – from marketing promotions to order entry to finance – all in one integrated system.

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Delivering Solutions

Advantage seamlessly manages both digital and print, providing cost-saving efficiencies. Whether it’s entitlements, access to content, eBooks, pay-per-view, downloads or pdf versions of a magazine, Advantage can combine these with a print product and keep all the components of the bundle synchronized while allocating the income however you choose.

Cider is our fully-integrated eCommerce platform that includes powerful shopping cart and self-service capabilities, a marketing portal for marketers to create and assign promotions, design landing pages quickly, an admin panel for customizing the look and feel to match your brand and support for third-party plug-ins, such as Google and Adobe Analytics.

What sets Advantage apart as a superior subscription management and product order system is its total flexibility. That flexibility, coupled with sweeping functionality, an open architecture, a built-in eCommerce platform (Cider) and an extensibility framework for easy integration of Advantage with other applications, all allow you to configure your ecosystem to operate your business exactly as you choose.