Services to enhance your offerings

You can count on the professionals at AdvantageCS for outstanding service in whatever area you may need. Starting with implementations, through web and other enterprise integrations, development, updates, managed services and hosting—plus more—our experts will consistently deliver excellent service.

Flexible Managed Services

Efficient Installation

Thorough training is a crucial element of a successful installation. In addition to thorough training on the application, Advantage experts can provide data conversion, gap analysis, test planning and system setup services.

Throughout the project, frequent and detailed communication is the glue holding all the disparate pieces together. and finally, a thorough verification phase is a key component. Before cutting over to the new system, the Advantage team will perform a detailed, go-live audit to make sure that all is ready for the changeover.

AdvantageCS provides managed services for clients wishing to outsource functions.

You can pick and choose the functions you wish to outsource and the ones you want to manage yourself. Our expert staff will work with you to determine the optimum combination of managed services to fit your company's needs.

The implementation approach used by AdvantageCS project managers is the result of extensive training and countless hours of project experience. Our project managers are PMI and Microsoft certified, experienced and proficient not only with Advantage, but also with the most effective project management and change management practices. They provide a detailed project blueprint for the installation team to follow. The plan contains schedules, timelines, task assignments and project registers, which are customized for each client. 

Every project includes thorough training, and Advantage experts also provide gap analysis, development, testing plans, system setup services and data conversion consulting/services. 

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you implement Advantage to your maximum benefit.

Managed Services

Flexible Managed Services

We can provide a little or a lot in the way of Managed Services for you and our expert staff will work with you to determine the optimum combination of services to fit your needs.

These services might include:

  • management of application processing and reporting
  • application configuration management
  • system performance monitoring
  • user administration
  • web services administration
  • uploads and interfaces administration
  • business continuity and recovery
  • update management
  • 3rd party software-monitoring and data updates.

Other services we offer

We're here to help you with web and enterprise integration, installing updates, developing software modifications, training on any Advantage functionality or sending our experts to consult with you on everything from system performance to update plans to how to use Advantage most efficiently. Then there's our Support Center--available 24/7 for whatever assistance you may need.

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Advantage fullService

Now you can harness the power of Advantage without the need to manage it yourself, with Advantage fullService.

Hosted on Azure, Advantage fullService is implemented and managed by our staff. System administration, cycle-ends, invoicing, reminders, setup, selects--we handle it all.

Along with our fully integrated eCommerce platform, we offer highly effective tools for online sales and customer service. The large range of standard integrations (PayPal, Apple Pay, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics and many more) and our technology toolbox (REST API, workflow events, extensibility), ensure that Advantage will fit well into your existing ecosystem.

Plus, with our outsourcing partners in the US, UK and Europe, we can provide a wide range of services: order entry, uploads, payment processing, customer service, lettershop, shipping and more. 

Get in touch with us to see how fullService can be of service to you.