Your Branded Interface with your Customer

Your eCommerce landing page is where many customers are introduced to you. It’s crucial that their experience more than meets their expectations---that it reflects your brand’s personality and provides smooth and easy ordering and customer service experiences. 

Cider equips you to accomplish that. 

Because Cider is designed with key architectural considerations like scalability, extensibility and security, you can quickly create your own branded page themes, extend the existing functionality of your eCommerce efforts and integrate new functionality.

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"Cider was a huge win for Informa."

"Without a doubt, Cider was a HUGE win for Informa and Advantage," says Carver Bonine, Business Systems Engineer in Informa’s Enterprise Technology Services group. "The team all went above and beyond to make this work – and work well – for us. Ultimately, it was AdvantageCS’ commitment to the Cider platform and determination to get Informa live on Cider that led to our success."

Integrated with Advantage

Integrated with Advantage

Cider shares the same business logic engine as Advantage, which means it has access to all the thousands of Advantage features. Sophisticated subscription models, access and authentication for entitlement management, creative promotional offers, varied payment/billing options and comprehensive self-service are just a few.

Integration Support

While the platform is designed to empower clients to develop their own sites, that may not be the best model for you. We offer wide-ranging web development services, from assistance implementing Cider to consulting and training client web developers how to integrate with our platform. 

Additional services include website rebuilds, web application security, access and authentication integration, single-sign-on techniques and custom website applications.

Integration Support