Multi-purpose membership software

Built on the Advantage platform, Members Advantage is a fully-integrated Association Management System (AMS)/CRM solution. It provides a clear path of involvement for your members and efficient management of the member relationship for you.

Membership Software

Fully Loaded

With Members Advantage, your members can keep up all aspects of their membership including upcoming events, educational opportunities and professional resources as well as specifics of their particular membership.

They can:

  • Browse or search an online directory to discover other community members
  • Change opt-in/opt-out status of newsletters
  • View and manage their donation history
  • Cancel, suspend, renew, or change membership type or level
  • Update their online profile (e.g., new certifications)
  • View Continuing Education Unit progress
  • Confirm membership status
  • Pay outstanding balances
  • Review current benefits (including partner benefits)

A Clear Path

Too often, it’s a challenge for interested parties or even current members to get access to your organization. Members Advantage makes connection easy with a member portal that steps a user through the membership application process, renewals, payments, certifications, donations, and many other member self-service activities.


The Full Package

By knowing more about your members, you can meet current needs and anticipate what is coming next. Members Advantage gives you that knowledge and provides members with a complete view of their membership. Benefits are a critical part to what keeps member satisfaction. With Members Advantage they can be kept updated on discount on trips, flagship publications, VIP reservations, or third party benefits.


Cider Included

Complete your AMS/CRM solution with Cider, the AdvantageCS eCommerce platform.

Cider offers:

  • Lightning-fast creation of promotions and landing pages for marketers
  • Built-in support for third-party plug-ins, like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  • Advanced shopping cart and self-service capabilities
  • Flexible theme design to customize the look and feel of your site 

Steward Your Business

Because of the power of Members Advantage software, you are able to manage all aspects of the financial relationship and related reporting including flexible income allocation.


Equipping You to Produce Successful Events

Whether you are designing a virtual or in-person live event, our platform provides a robust event administration solution to handle whatever you plan. From event promotion, registration, on-site administration and secure payment and reporting, you can be assured of a stable operational foundation for your event.


Making Valuable Content Accessible

With Members Advantage, you gain sophisticated discount and promotion capabilities that can be applied to any of your products or events. Take a look at what our underlying Advantage subscription platform has to offer. 

Contact us to learn more about how Members Advantage can help you grow your community.