A powerful tool

Advantage is a powerful tool that helps publishers and direct-to-consumer companies market, sell and deliver content, then analyze the results of their efforts. As a customer-centric, multi-product solution, it gives our clients total control over all aspects of their customer relationships.

Advantage is built on an open architecture that combines rich functionality with an extensibility framework to easily integrate other applications. Plus, our robust eCommerce platform, Cider, is integrated into the system so that all customer interaction can be conducted online.

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Advantage Features
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Advantage Features

We’ve developed Advantage around the core business processes of subscription management and clustered feature sets within those processes to deliver an integrated solution.

Search below to learn about the different features of Advantage.

Marketing Promotions

We start with Marketing Promotions--reaching out to your prospects and customers and providing them customized offers to acquire, retain and grow their engagement. Capabilities include the ability to:

  • Create campaigns, promotions and offers; bundle products and test the results
  • Create landing pages in minutes
  • Integrate with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics

See more detail here.

Orders & Renewals

Advantage allows you to manage multiple products--digital content, eZines, eBooks, journals, magazines, newsletters, data, books, products and newspapers--as well as multiple languages, currencies and locations. Extensive renewal series and selection capabilities give you the tools to increase retention.


Advantage supports payment types around the world, including PayPal, Apple Pay, credit cards, direct debit and more. 

Distribution & Access

Making certain the product is available and can be quickly delivered on-line or in boxed form is key to customer satisfaction. Advantage helps your team expedite delivery by accounting for inventory and managing shipping.

Customer Service

With Advantage, your team gains a 360-degree view of customers’ activities. Customizable workflows, deep customer history, direct tie-in to finance and built-in eCommerce, all help your team to be more agile.

Features equip them to manage:

  • Order adjustments
  • Packages/bundles/kits
  • Up-sells and cross-sells
  • Save the cancel
  • Customer communications
  • Loyalty programs
  • Back-issue and payment claims
Reporting & Financial

The reporting and financial function permits you to see individual customer financial history in depth, updated continuously, as well as aggregate trends of customers and product activity. Features include:

  • Robust customizable reporting
  • Hundreds of standard reports, exportability, 
  • Data warehouse and business intelligence 
  • Integration with dashboards and reporting tools
  • Billing management