Campaigns, offers, promotions

  • Bundle products—combine print and digital subscriptions or allow customers to mix-and-match content.
  • Configure promotions with a vast array of options tailored to your market—pricing plans, premium management, delivery incentives, renewal policies, payment options and more.
  • Generate excitement with affinity programs such as frequent buyer points, gift certificates, and sweepstakes.
  • Engage prospects with content through free lists, trials, and forced-free trials.
  • Create eCommerce promotional landing pages with an easy drag-n-drop tool designed to get pages published within minutes.
  • Identify related products and upsell suggestions with customizable scripts and configurable information display for sales reps.
  • Create dynamic upsell offers based on the rich and diverse Advantage data set—customer behavior, purchase history, customer preferences, product performance, etc.
  • Offer upsells and cross-sells at main customer touchpoints—phone interactions and eCommerce activity.

Customer data

  • Access all your marketing data in Advantage’s customer-centric system.
  • Discover subscriber and member interests and behavior with one, completely integrated solution incorporating both the publishing and membership areas.
  • Identify your best customers with Lifetime Value and Recency/Frequency/Monetary scoring.
  • View all a customer’s key data points in one place—name, addresses, orders, customer service communications and more.
  • Record or import an unlimited amount of demographic data to supplement Advantage’s native data collection.
Marketing Promotions

Customer selection

  • See detailed subscriber and promotion analysis through complete activity tracking feeds.
  • Select and extract customers through an intuitive selection tool through using a drag-n-drop interface with access to Advantage’s entire rich data set.
  • Predefine selection criteria and save it for future use.
  • Design dynamic selections based on customer behavior and split customers into targeted lists for marketing gauntlets or further analysis.
  • Create cohorts of customers based on business criteria for inclusion or exclusion in marketing efforts.
  • Consolidate duplicate records using artificial intelligence.