Privacy is an important topic for AdvantageCS, whether it’s the privacy of our clients or the privacy of the individuals with whom our clients interact. Our solutions include powerful tools that rely on data controlled by our clients for their customers, prospects, and business partners. This privacy statement details how we work with our clients to ensure privacy is always a priority.

Data Held by AdvantageCS

Advantage provides enterprise solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide. We store certain information related to these current and former clients, as well as for businesses and organizations who have indicated interest in our products. This includes the contact’s first and last name, company name, business mailing address, email address, telephone number, and job title.

Data collected by AdvantageCS is used to provide communication to our clients, prospects, and business partners relating to our products and services. This includes communication on product improvements, AdvantageCS corporate news, user conference and training course announcements and information relevant to the software, publishing, and membership industries. These communications can be tailored by the intended recipient, including the ability to “unsubscribe”.

For established clients, we may store information that is shared with us regarding the client’s business operations and usage of our products. This data is provided directly by our clients and is used in providing consulting and support services to that particular client. It may also be used to provide us with metrics on our performance and inform our decisions on product direction. In accordance with the agreements we maintain with our clients, this data is only stored for the duration there is a valid business purpose or when required by law.

Data held by AdvantageCS that is directly tied to an individual or business is only shared with a third-party when there is prior written consent by that individual or business, unless disclosure is otherwise required by law. We also comply with all data protection legislation and regulations in the places where we do business.

Data Held by Our Clients

AdvantageCS provides data-driven software solutions to our clients. The data (relating to our clients’ customers, prospects, and business partners) is acquired, controlled, and processed by our individual clients according to their business requirements. It may be stored either on servers wholly maintained by them (“on-premise”) or on private cloud servers jointly maintained with us.  

We access this data only under circumstances when we have received our client’s approval. These circumstances are most often related to supporting the client’s usage of the Advantage platform through troubleshooting and consulting services.

Through our software solutions and consulting services, we support our clients in their compliance with their own privacy policies and applicable regulations. This includes assistance with:

Securing the personal information of their customers, prospects, and business partners.

Tracking consent for the processing of personal information.

Providing the ability to access, update, delete, and otherwise process personal information as required.

Extracting personal information for the purposes of transfer to another system, whether in the support of valid business needs or at the request of the data subject.

Anonymizing and aggregating data for reporting and usage that does not require the ability to tie it to an individual.

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