Advantage delivers

Providing the most comprehensive system available.

Engage prospects with introductory offers. Apply unlimited pricing structures by issue, time, geography and currency, and create renewal price paths to move customers to standard pricing over time. Be assured that Advantage will help you comply fully with audit bureau requirements (AAM and BPA).

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Do you need solution sets for these functions? Advantage delivers

Subscriber journey control, step-up pricing · Renewal flexibility, autocharge/autorenew, gracing · Issue-based or calendar-based pricing · Promotion capabilities · eCommerce and self-service · Bundling of digital and print · Retention protocols · Digital editions, gatekeeping for access, distribution for physical · Gift and group subscriptions · Upgrades, downgrades, migrations and suspensions · Back issues and single-copy sales · Autocharge through direct debit, credit card, digital wallet · Billing and reminders · Income-earning models, taxation, feed to financials · Vast API, reporting and integration toolbox · Controlled circulation, audit compliance

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Advance your marketing efforts

Using our tools, you can identify marketing targets and offer nearly endless promotion choices, including all varieties of digital and print bundles, payment options and freemiums.

Manage B2B and Controlled Publications

Advantage has the functionality needed to meet the unique requirements of controlled publications, including:

  • Automated "contact to account" customer relationships
  • Support for qualified free subscriptions with short/long form requalification
  • Tools to manage circulation, including delayed starts, drops and adds
  • Comprehensive demographics and questionnaires for additional reporting
  • Full support for audit bureau requirements (BPA), including unit audit

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Perform extensive response tracking and analysis of your subscriber data

You have access to a 360° view of each individual customer’s activity and behavior or you can look at aggregate activity from sub-groups or your entire client base. You choose what you want to see and Advantage will help you gain actionable insight from the data.

Offer a broad range of delivery options

We can provide multiple delivery methods with optional geographic-based charges and integrate with distribution vendors, reducing lead time. 

Distribution Vendors