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Friday Five: AI, Memberships, & Subscriptions

Welcome back to Friday Five! This week, we talk about Spotify raising subscription prices, Vox celebrating 10 years with new membership options, InPublishing sharing 7 subscription secrets, Harvard Library launching the Harvard Open Journals Program, and Publisher’s AI licensing deals. 

Spotify Raises Subscription Prices

Spotify is raising its subscription prices for the second time in two years, with the ad-free premium plan increasing by $1 starting in July. The adjustment aims to support ongoing investments in product features that improve the customer experience. Other plans, like Duo and Family subscriptions, are also receiving a price increase. Read More on Deadline

Vox Celebrates 10 Years with New Membership Options

Vox, a news website known for its explanatory journalism, celebrated its 10th anniversary by introducing a new membership program. The new program is priced at $5 per month, or $50 per year, and will offer exclusive content, virtual events, and special newsletter editions. Read More on Subscription Insider.

InPublishing Shares 7 Subscription Secrets

The “Secrets of Subscription Strategy” event, hosted by the British Society of Magazine Editors, offered valuable insights into building a large subscription base. Industry leaders shared the importance of understanding customer needs, prioritizing value over price, creating a sense of belonging, and more. Read the full article

Harvard Library Launching the Harvard Open Journals Program

Harvard Library is launching the Harvard Open Journals Program (HOJP) to facilitate open access, sustainability, and equitable scholarly publishing. Harvard researchers will receive support and seed funding to establish new academic journals, while ensuring all articles are freely accessible to authors and readers. Read More on Harvard Library.

Publisher’s AI Licensing Deals

Recent AI licensing deals between major publishers and AI companies, like OpenAI, have created debates regarding the positives and negatives of such deals. Publishers can benefit from monetizing content and accessing advanced AI technology, but there are concerns about underpayment, potential loss of control over content, and the impact on audience relationships. Read More on DIGIDAY

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