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Friday Five: Media, Tech, and Subscription Roundup

It’s finally Friday, and we’re thrilled to be back! In this edition of Friday Five, we talk about Di5rupt rebranding to Media Makers Meet, Meta considering offering ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram, Disney+ lowering basic subscription plans, publishers struggling to measure readers who bypass paywalls, and automakers embracing subscription services for new cars. 

Di5rupt Becomes Media Makers Meet (Mx3)

Di5rupt has rebranded as Media Makers Meet – Mx3, connecting international colleagues in media and technology. This rebranding also includes What’s New in Publishing and emphasizes its commitment to supporting creators, consumers, and B2B media through various initiatives and events. Media Makers Meet will continue to host events such as FIPP World Media Congress and Mx3 Barcelona. Read More on Mx3.

Meta May Allow European Facebook/Instagram Users an Ad-Free Experience

Meta is facing increasing scrutiny from European regulators over its data collection practices. The company is considering offering ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram in Europe to comply with regulations. Meta would continue to offer free versions of the apps with ads. Read More on The New York Times.

Disney+ Lowers Basic Subscription Plans

Disney+ is rolling out a limited-time offer for its ad-supported plan in the US, allowing new and returning customers to subscribe for $1.99 per month for three months, down from $7.99 per month. Disney is also launching a bundled plan that combines Disney+ and Hulu without ads for $19.99 per month. Read More on Variety

Readers Bypassing Publisher's Paywalls

Publishers are still struggling to measure and block readers who find ways to bypass their paywalls, despite their efforts to close these loopholes in 2019. It's estimated that around 4-5% of readers may be using tactics such as blockers and web crawlers to get around paywalls. Read More on Digday

Subscription Services for New Cars

Automakers are embracing a new approach, requiring car buyers to subscribe to additional services on top of their regular car payments. These services encompass a wide range of features, from hands-free driving to entertainment and enhanced navigation. Read More on Axios

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