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Meet Gabriel Rees: Our Newest Business Analyst

We're pleased to welcome Gabriel Rees, the newest addition to our Business Analyst team led by Eric Burbeck. Gabriel brings a great deal of experience and a passion for business that makes him an excellent fit for AdvantageCS.

Before coming here, Gabriel attended Milligan University in Tennessee where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. After college, he started his professional journey as a Jr. Producer at Imagination, making his way into the marketing agency world. He then took an opportunity to explore a career with the first Chick-fil-A in Michigan before returning to automotive marketing as a Senior Studio Producer at Makerhouse supporting the Ford business. He enjoyed collaborating with talented design experts to create meaningful brand work and seeing his projects on billboards and online banners.

The decision to join AdvantageCS was influenced by Gabriel's connections - Dave, Matt, and Christian who are also part of the team. His father, Dave Rees, has been a software engineer here for 30 years! Gabriel was also interested in this opportunity because he wanted to dive into the software field and learn more about the publishing/subscription management industry.

Gabriel is currently learning all the possibilities that Advantage can offer and is eager to start working on upcoming projects and contributing his skills to the team. One thing he especially enjoys about working here is his coworkers and how they create a warm and professional environment. He is also excited about the personal and professional growth opportunities within the company.

Outside of work, Gabriel enjoys drumming and tries to support musicians when he can, including his brother's band. Although he's still learning, Gabriel shares a love for cooking with his wife, Nicole. They enjoy making homemade pizzas using their pizza oven during the summer. Another fun fact about Gabriel is that he organizes an Ultimate Frisbee club with his friends every summer, this will be his fourth year!

Welcome, Gabriel, to the AdvantageCS family!

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