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AdvantageCS Welcomes New Client: Human Kinetics

We are extremely pleased to welcome Human Kinetics as an Advantage client!

Human Kinetics is a global leader in providing information related to physical activity, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people worldwide. They have a vast collection of resources that caters to a diverse audience, from scholars and professionals to fitness enthusiasts and everyday people searching for a healthier lifestyle. 

Human Kinetics offers a wide variety of informative products across various formats, ensuring there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a student looking for comprehensive textbooks, a busy professional looking for a convenient online course, or a fitness enthusiast looking for video instructions, Human Kinetics has you covered. Their resources include textbooks, journals, eBooks, online courses, digital products, and continuing education programs. 

Human Kinetics reaches global audiences with products and programs available in various formats and languages, reflecting their commitment to inclusivity and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to benefit from their resources. 

The migration of their journals subscriptions to Advantage is in process.

Per Skip Maier, Human Kinetics CEO, “It was very important to us as we shift our journal subscription and fulfillment processes in house to have a proven platform to help us manage them. Advantage provides us with the tools we’ll need not only to manage what we have but also to expand in the future. Our team is very excited to get started.”

Welcome, Human Kinetics, to the Advantage family! We’re excited to support you in your mission to get the world moving.

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