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Advantage Now Integrates with Shopify

In today’s digital economy, ecommerce platforms are essential for enabling growth, efficiency, and global connectivity. At AdvantageCS, our mission is to empower our clients to harness these benefits to their fullest potential by offering extensive configuration options and incorporating new technologies. In fact, Advantage's robust suite of out-of-the-box third-party integration solutions is designed to accommodate a variety of different organizations' ecosystems. Through its open system architecture, Advantage offers complete flexibility in integration approaches. 

For ecommerce, our clients deploy a variety of solutions ranging from Cider Plus to custom-built solutions using Advantage’s REST API to off-the-shelf platforms like Shopify. Shopify’s growth is projected to reach 30% in 2024, so it’s no surprise that it consistently comes up in conversations with clients and prospects alike. Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform that provides businesses with a quick way to create and manage an online store. Shopify is well-known for providing a friendly, secure, and intuitive customer shopping experience. Considering this, when you envision combining Shopify with Advantage’s world-class subscription management, order and inventory tracking, and customer service capabilities, it's no surprise that our clients continue to request it! 

With that said, AdvantageCS is excited to announce our newest integration with Shopify. This integration enables organizations to utilize Shopify as their front-end ecommerce system and seamlessly integrate Advantage for back-end fulfillment and customer service. With the power of Advantage, once your customers place their Shopify orders through your store, Advantage takes over, managing all the processing of the orders and payments while overseeing product fulfillment and customer service activities. Our Shopify integration is perfect whether you are looking to sell products individually or if you are offering a box-of-the-month continuity model.  

Highlights of Advantage’s new Shopify integration include: 

Effortless Product Management

  • Once you complete the Advantage setup, products from your Shopify store automatically sync with products in Advantage. This allows Shopify to manage the front-end sales while you can simply monitor all the orders flowing into Advantage.

Streamlined Back-End Operations

  • As your Shopify orders are fulfilled, you can rely on Advantage to continue handling all your month-end processing and reporting.

Flexible Promotions & Pricing 

  • Advantage provides various setup options for your Shopify continuity program offerings, enabling you to select the promotions, pricing, and shipment frequency. These choices then collectively become the offerings that you present to your customers within your Shopify store.

Automated Enrollment & Payments

  • At Shopify checkout, when your customers choose to join a continuity program, Advantage knows to automatically enroll them and, from there, manage all the back-end processing of order fulfillment and ongoing recurring autocharge payments.

Our Shopify integration is currently being developed in several phases and is constantly evolving as we accumulate feedback from our clients. Let us know if there are any features you would be interested in seeing for our coming releases!  Already, we're seeing tremendous interest from our current clients and potential prospects, further reinforcing our ongoing commitment to optimizing and enhancing this integration.  

Please contact us today to request a demo. 

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