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Advantage Academy 2020: A Virtual Success

The second Advantage Academy took place remotely throughout the month of October. More than 100 attendees representing 20 client companies and hailing from 5 different countries participated in the 2020 event.

The 2018 inaugural Advantage Academy took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the AdvantageCS office and the plan was to repeat it every other year. Then along came 2020 and like so many other plans, the Academy had to be re-thought. While there are certainly benefits to in-person training, going remote allowed more participants to take part as the sessions were spread out over nine days and offered in easily manageable chunks of time.

Sessions covered a multitude of areas and were led by a variety of ACS staff:

  • Jeff Leonard (Omnistream)
  • John Hughes (Workflow Events)
  • Nicole Stark (Select Set Builder)
  • Levi Hyssong (Packages)
  • Tim Zapawa (Agreements)
  • Wouter Verkerk (Cider Administration)
  • Alan Cherney (Cider Development)
  • Mike Hasey (Integrations)
  • John Sheehy (Customer Retention)

Doug Moore (along with John Sheehy) organized the event and has this to say to the attendees: “We’ve seen some excellent feedback, and as always, we appreciate hearing when it’s been helpful to you! For many, it was a great way to learn about a new feature, and for others, it was an opportunity to really pick up on some advanced or unknown functionality within the application. Thank you for joining us in October and we look forward to adding new courses for further training down the road!”

We will be considering all input from attendees in planning our next Advantage Academy. Look for an announcement about the next one in plenty of time to plan your attendance. We look forward to seeing you there!

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