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Advantage FullService

For nearly 40 years, AdvantageCS has offered the most powerful subscription management solution on the market, ideal for medium to large publishers and membership organizations. From print and digital subscriptions to book sales, from products to services, plus training, conferences, events, membership and donations, Advantage manages everything a company might offer. Plus, it’s constantly evolving to meet the latest needs of the rapidly changing business environment.

Now you can harness the power of Advantage without the need to manage it yourself, with Advantage fullService.

Hosted in the cloud on MS Azure, Advantage fullService is implemented and managed by our staff. System administration, cycle-ends, invoicing, reminders, setup, selects---we handle it all.

Along with our fully integrated eCommerce platform, we offer highly effective tools for online sales and customer service. The large range of standard integrations (PayPal, Apple pay, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics and many more) and our technology toolbox (REST API, event workflow, extensibility), ensure that Advantage will fit well into your existing system.

Together with our outsourcing partners in the US, UK and Europe, we can provide a wide range of services: order entry, uploads, payment processing, customer service, lettershop, shipping and more. Operating on Advantage, our partners employ its automation and scanning capabilities to serve our customers.

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional service bureaus? Would you like to know more about this option? We will be happy to talk with you. Contact your AdvantageCS representative today.

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