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Advantage Expands Payment Options With Spreedly Integration

Selecting a credit card payment gateway for payment transaction handling is more important than ever before. The right payment gateway will ensure that you provide strong data protection and can contribute to a better overall experience for your customers. By establishing a reassuring and positive payment transaction experience for your customers, you will likely increase consumer trust and drive more sales. When making these kinds of important decisions, it's nice to know that Advantage supports a wide range of payment gateways that will fit your business model. 

As part of our ongoing effort to broaden our portfolio of payment options and adapt to the fintech landscape, AdvantageCS is pleased to announce a new integration with the Spreedly “Payments Orchestration Solution.” Advantage’s integration into the Spreedly fintech platform enables our clients to easily and securely accept customer payments from all over the world as its flexible gateway can leverage global connections with a wide range of other processors. As a “processor of processors,” they can instantly connect, shop the best rates, and reroute transactions with the ultimate objective of increasing transaction success. 

Advantage’s integration with the Spreedly payment gateway also brings the peace of mind that clients can easily continue to meet stringent PCI/SCA data protection compliance standards. The benefit of using a third-party gateway such as Spreedly is that your servers (or our servers for client cloud deployments) have no card memory. Spreedly transactions are performed securely, in real-time, as payments are entered into Advantage. To keep sensitive payment details secure, Advantage facilitates the transmission of data through Spreedly’s innovative “Hosted Card Capture” feature. A hosted card capture page provides an automatic redirect from Advantage to an embedded page where customers can then directly type in their credit card information. Additionally, Advantage integrates with Spreedly’s secure card vault (with use of tokens) to support recurring billing transactions.

Simply put, the best credit card gateways offer you more successful transactions, provide the greatest data protection and promote overall customer satisfaction.  Advantage’s integration with Spreedly is just one of numerous options that we offer that can help you secure and scale your business. If you’d like more specific information and want to know how we can help you with your payment strategies, please contact us.

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