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How Advantage Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Can Help You Close More Deals is a widely used cloud-based application with support for many different business activities. Advantage provides a tight integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, which is commonly used by publishers, content providers, and membership organizations for prospect relationship management where sales teams are involved. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud provides many tools to make it easier for reps to communicate with prospects, members, and customers, as well as features to help manage sales activities.

As part of this integration, the accounts and contacts in Salesforce can be automatically synchronized–in real time–with the accounts and contacts in Advantage. Similarly, when a sale is made, the rep working in Salesforce can push the sale to Advantage where the order is created, again, in real time, and all the standard order edits and rules are applied. Advantage’s Salesforce integration allows this to happen immediately and automatically, rather than requiring manual effort in the order-to-cash flow.

Value Line recently implemented this integration. Susanne Goebel, Manager of Fulfillment and Customer Service, explains.

“One of the primary reasons we integrated Salesforce with Advantage is because we plan to integrate Hub Spot with Salesforce. Since Advantage is connected to Salesforce, we can pull data from Salesforce into HubSpot easily, which will provide us with a great marketing tool.

As an added bonus sales reps can change contact address, phone and email addresses which immediately update to Advantage – they no longer need to send customer service reps these changes, a huge time savings. And -- this is the best part-- sales reps add their own bill-me orders. They no longer need to manually type order forms and send to data entry to key. This is important for digital orders which are primarily what we sell at this point. All of our sales reps work remotely and this gives them more control over -- and ownership of -- their customer information and orders. And on a Marketing note – we have better connection with our subscribers and potential new subscribers with the HubSpot connection. 

We did have challenges before we began the Salesforce integration. We had just completed an Advantage upgrade and needed a break before starting another project. But we dove right in because we had a ringer – Stephanie Kutsomarkos! We found a huge learning curve with workflows and how to set them up and what should be triggered first, but Stephanie was very helpful and went above and beyond to assist. (We love Stephanie. 😊)

We also broke the project into two phases – the initial integration and workflow set-up and then a phase for bill-me orders and contact information changes/edits. We found this best as we had time to learn about the relationship between Salesforce and Advantage.”

Contact us to see how the Salesforce integration can work for you.

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