Jul 5, 2022
Kelly Grace

Bonnier Magazine Data Completes Upgrade Project

We are pleased to congratulate Bonnier Magazine Data on their recent successful Advantage upgrade project. This upgrade gives them the use of Advantage’s Sky UI—an important enhancement to the whole user experience. Overall, the upgrade went extremely well and was finished in a single-phase remotely.    

Bonnier Magazine Data is located in the Østerbro borough of Copenhagen and specializes in subscription management of weekly and monthly magazines and other media products within the Bonnier companies. They currently manage about 2 million active subscriptions across dozens of titles.  

The key members of the project from Bonnier Magazine Data were Camilla Ulfvin Lagersson, Kristine Kristiansen, Maria Larsen, Maria Ørvad, Rune Spanggaard, Jes Anderson, Kirsten Østergaard, Michael Benner, Niklas Södergren, and Peter Lund.  Advantage’s team leader was Stephen Oller, who worked with Nick Psyhos on modifications, Cameron Hanlon on the upgrade process, and Adam Richards on payment processing.

“I am very proud of the entire team and their constant willingness to succeed. Their enthusiasm and hard work are the true reason why we have a very successful project”, said Carsten Weber, CEO of Bonnier Magazine Data and CTO of Bonnier Publications.

Hats off to both teams for their hard work and commitment that resulted in a successful upgrade. It’s always a pleasure to work with Bonnier Magazine Data!

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