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Books, Podcasts, and Subscriptions: What's New this Week?

Welcome back to Friday Five! This week we review The Economist adding a podcast subscription, Amazon limiting self-publishing books, X/Twitter considering a monthly fee, Amazon offering new subscription programs, and The Guardian launching a new European edition.

The Economist Adds Podcast Subscription

The Economist is introducing a new podcast subscription service, Economist Podcast+, for $4.90 per month since audio has become their fastest-growing format. Existing subscribers can enjoy this new tier at no additional cost, while non-subscribers can pre-order to get 50% off their first year. Read More on AXIOS

Amazon Limits Self-Publishing Books

To prevent the number of AI books on its platform, Amazon has created new rules that restrict authors from self-publishing more than three books per day. Amazon has also announced that it will require authors to disclose whether their books are AI-generated. Read More on The Guardian.

X/Twitter Fee Could Be Coming Soon

Elon Musk has suggested turning X into a subscription-based platform to prevent bot accounts. In a recent interview, Musk suggested charging users a small monthly fee, without specifying an exact amount or timeline. This idea comes as X’s advertising revenue has dropped since his acquisition and rebranding. Read More on Variety.

Amazon New Subscription Programs

Amazon is considering adding two new subscription programs, one in grocery and the other in healthcare. The grocery subscription program would offer member discounts, access to same-day delivery, and more. The healthcare subscription is still in the works, but could potentially offer discounted prescriptions, telemedicine services, and more. The new plans could be introduced by the end of this year. Read More on PYMNTS.

The Guardian Launches New Europe Edition

The Guardian has launched a new Europe edition of its website and app, providing European readers with a tailored experience for the first time. The new edition will feature a dedicated team of columnists, an expanded network of European correspondents and reporters, and a European news live blog. Read More on InPublishing

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