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Cider Extends Global Reach with French Language Support

Congratulations to Martin Media, whose five web ecommerce boutiques recently went live on Cider, our eCommerce platform, all entirely in French:

• Boutique La Classe

• Boutique L’Assmat

• Boutique Journal de l’Animation

• Boutique Journal des Psychologues

• Boutique Bois

As our first non-English Cider implementation, the project involved some unique challenges. These included adjustments for rate-includes-tax, handling accent marks and currency display, plus translating Cider itself. The Cider implementation was closely linked with an upgrade of the core Advantage application.

The Martin Media project team included Julien KrierPhilippe CanusJérémie Boisselier and Stéphane Sorin, and involved the entire organization for testing the new release.

On the AdvantageCS side, John Hughes led the way, ably assisted by Philippe van MastrigtWouter Verkerk, and Alan Cherney.

Martin Media is a special-interest publisher, located in Paris and Révigny-sur-Ornain (East of France). More than half of their business is targeted to the professional sector, with publications on education, early childhood development, psychology and social work. The other segment is geared to hobby and leisure activities, such as genealogy and woodworking. Martin Media also publishes books and educational tools, provides training through video and webinars and operates multiple informational and retail websites.

Well done, everyone!

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