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AdvantageCS Development Roadmap

Like most software companies, we find ourselves in an era defined by rapid technological advancements and are constantly striving to keep pace with the industries and clients we serve. As we enter the 4th quarter of 2023, we are confident our development roadmap keeps moving our software and clients forward. For the last 40 years, our driving force has always been our clients. Their needs, feedback, and vision have steered us towards platform advancements, and we are grateful for the trust they place in us. Listening to our clients has shaped the foundation of our development strategy, making it client-centric and laser-focused on delivering what matters most to them.

Client-Driven Development: Our Lifeblood

Client-centricity has been a cornerstone of our success and we aim to continue that strategy. We deeply understand that every client's business needs are unique, and customization is key to their success. As we work on our R&D enhancements in parallel with client-driven ones, our primary objective is to foster deeper connections with our clients, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their challenges and goals. This approach fuels our commitment to refining existing products and creating new ones that address their needs.

Market Surveys: Pioneering Solutions Ahead of Time

While our clients are at the core of our development process, we are equally mindful of the rapidly evolving market dynamics. To keep pace with the industry, we actively survey the markets we serve and closely monitor the technology landscape. This strategy allows us to serve our clients while also anticipating emerging trends, potential disruptions, and emerging customer concerns.

Development Focus: Embracing the Future Today

Software Accessibility: Large, mature software vendors can find themselves in a challenging position if they are not actively monitoring their software—has the feature set of the software eclipsed the usability? As a software vendor, we obviously need to continue to provide features to meet client and market demands. But, to do so without consideration of the user experience would put us out of business. A significant allocation of R&D resources is focused on just that—ensuring Advantage’s incredibly rich feature set is accessible to our clients. This requires careful analysis of how to make sure Advantage is highly configurable, provides easy access to critical data, and offers tailored internal staff journeys to facilitate customer service requests.

Feature Innovation: No software company would survive without developing features that clients need for their business-critical objectives. We release monthly software updates that include new features across all parts of our software—some big, some small. On the large front, we are bringing together our promotional engine and powerful selection tools for seamless marketing automation capabilities right within Advantage. We continue to enhance our continuity functionality, adding additional capabilities to our payment framework, releasing mobile-first views for administrators, restructuring our online help documentation for a better in-application experience, and modernizing our administrative reporting framework. And more!

Open System Strategy: Building system integrations and enhancing our integration infrastructure continues to be an important part of our open system strategy. We have been addressing this issue on many fronts from continuing to expand the security, performance, and breadth of our REST API to integrating with new payment gateway platforms. We have also expanded our plug-n-play architecture for email communications and are adding another tax engine to our out-of-the-box integration list. Additionally, we saw Shopify as a strategic integration to have available to our clients, so have been developing a robust framework to support that platform.

Security and Privacy: As technology advances, safeguarding our clients' sensitive data is of paramount importance. Not only do we need to ensure the security and privacy of the Advantage data, but we need to ensure adherence to the various laws being enacted globally to address consumer concerns. Our R&D efforts in this area address emerging security protocols and privacy measures. Our aim is to fortify our clients' digital infrastructure, ensuring the utmost protection of their valuable information and preserving their trust in our solutions.

Collaborating Towards Success

We continue to recognize that our clients and the broader community play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Advantage solutions. Collaboration is critical to our shared success, and we wholeheartedly welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas from all stakeholders. Our R&D roadmap is not only about addressing current needs but also about exploring possibilities for the future. AdvantageCS believes our mission extends beyond just developing software; it's about building relationships and empowering our clients.

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