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Friday Five: Exploring Media and Subscription Shifts

It’s finally Friday, and we’re thrilled to be back! In this edition of Friday Five, we review Facebook and Instagram ad-free subscriptions, KKR acquiring Simon & Schuster, publishers urging the UK government to protect copyrights from AI, pricing strategies for media companies, and Spotify reporting profit for Q3. 

Facebook and Instagram Ad-Free Subscriptions 

Meta is launching an ad-free subscription service for Facebook and Instagram in the European Union and will be priced at €9.99 per month online or €12.99 per month on mobile. The service gives users more control over their experience and helps the company comply with new data privacy regulations. Read More on The Verge

KKR Acquires Simon & Schuster

KKR, a private equity firm, has acquired Simon & Schuster, one of the largest publishing companies in the US. This $1.62 billion deal marks a major shift in the publishing industry. KKR said it plans to invest in Simon & Schuster to expand its business. Read More on The New York Times

Publishers Urge the UK to Protect Copyrights from AI

Four UK publishing associations have urged the government to protect copyrights from AI. They are concerned about the growing use of AI to generate work without permission and want to ensure that copyright holders are compensated . They also want to make sure that AI is developed in a transparent and accountable way. Read More on The Guardian

Pricing Strategies for Media Companies 

Jim Bilton from Wessenden Marketing is recommending that media  companies price their content strategically to cover rising costs. They should consider value, cost, competition, and content structure when setting prices. Ultimately, they must deliver content that is worth paying for. Read More on InPublishing

Spotify Reports Profit for Q3

For the first time this year, Spotify turned a profit in the third quarter after cutting costs and raising prices.  The company added 6 million quarterly subscribers, which was above expectations. Spotify’s gross profit margins rose to 26.4% and shares increased by 10%. Read More on Financial Times

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