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Friday Five: Media & Publishing Roundup

Welcome back to Friday Five! This week, we talk about publishers changing revenue strategies, Visa launching a new service to manage subscriptions, Simon & Schuster celebrating its 100th anniversary, the future of digital publishing, and the 46th FIPP World Media Congress. 

Publishers Changing Revenue Strategies

Publishers are prioritizing total revenue optimization to address declining revenue and challenges such as privacy regulations. This approach utilizes technology like AI to optimize ad revenue, subscriptions, and user experience. Read More on DIGIDAY

Visa Launches New Service to Manage Subscriptions

Visa is launching a new service called Subscription Manager to help consumers track and manage their subscriptions. The service addresses the growing subscription market, and the challenges consumers face in managing payments across different platforms. Read More on Electronic Payments International.

Simon & Schuster Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Simon & Schuster, a prominent US publisher, recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with renewed optimism for the future.  The company is succeeding under its new owner, private equity firm KKR, which boosted morale and increased growth. Read More on The New York Times.

The Future of Digital Publishing

The digital publishing industry is hopeful about the future despite facing challenges. Subscriptions are the top revenue generator, but publishers are exploring new areas like podcasts and eCommerce options. Read More on InPublishing.

The 46th FIPP World Media Congress

In less than eight weeks, the 46th FIPP World Media Congress will host nearly 500 media industry executives in Cascais, Portugal. The Congress offers a chance to learn about the latest trends in media innovation, AI, and publishing.  Learn More on MediaMakersMeet

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