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Friday Five: Subscriptions, Podcasts, and Print Media

We’re back with another edition of Friday Five! This week, we talk about the U.S. suing Adobe over subscriptions, subscribers not paying full price for news, The New York Times moving podcasts behind a paywall, Spotify introducing a new subscription tier, and FIPP World Media Congress discussing the print transformation.

The U.S. Suing Adobe Over Subscriptions 

The U.S. Justice Department is suing Adobe, accusing the company of making it difficult to cancel subscriptions for popular software (e.g., Photoshop). The lawsuit alleges Adobe hides fees and makes the cancellation confusing and cumbersome, including through their website and customer service. Read More on The New York Times.

Subscribers Not Paying Full Price for News

News publishers are struggling to convert readers into paying subscribers, while subscription numbers are high, many subscribers are receiving discounts. Although discounts and free trials attract readers, converting them to full-paying subscribers remains a challenge. Read More on NiemanLab.

The New York Times Moving Podcasts Behind a Paywall

The New York Times is planning to move its top podcasts behind a paywall to increase subscription revenue. Subscribers would have exclusive access to new episodes of shows like “Serial”, while non-subscribers would have limited access to recent episodes of “The Daily” and possibly other shows. Read More on PYMNTS.

Spotify Introducing a New Subscription Tier

Spotify plans to introduce a more expensive subscription tier for music enthusiasts. This new plan, which will cost at least $5 more per month, will offer high-fidelity audio and advanced playlist tools. They hope to appeal to users looking for enhanced music quality and personalized listening experiences. Read more on Bloomberg

FIPP World Media Congress Discussing the Print Transformation 

The 46th FIPP World Media Congress was held on June 4th in Cascais, Portugal. The recurring theme, echoed by many speakers, highlighted print media’s return, emphasizing its transformation into a luxury product with reduced frequencies and higher pricing strategies. Read More on MediaMakersMeet.

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