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Friday Five - December 9th

Start your weekend off right with the latest issue of Friday Five! In this edition, we review the Washington Post’s new feature “Newsprint”, a partnership between the New England Journal of Medicine and Wolters Kluwer, the Netflix preview club, Mercedes-Benz’s new subscription service, and a lawsuit against Google.

Washington Posts New Feature “Newsprint” 

The Washington Post introduced “Newsprint”, a personalized interactive feature that displays a subscriber’s most-read news topics, journalists, and stories from the past year.  Read the full article.

New England Journal of Medicine and Wolters Kluwer Group Partner 

Wolters Kluwer Health will serve as the exclusive digital distributor of the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Evidence, NEJM Catalyst, and NEJM Journal Watch subscriptions for research and medical institutions worldwide. Read the full article.

Netflix Preview Club 

Netflix now allows more users to preview series and movies to provide feedback before they’re released. A year after its release, Netflix plans to increase the number of users to include tens of thousands of users worldwide early next year.  Read the full article.

Mercedes’s $1,200 Annual Paywall 

Mercedes-Benz restricts higher acceleration behind a $1,200 yearly barrier. The German automaker is the latest to offer subscription services for features that vehicles already have.  Read the full article.

Google Faces Lawsuit from UK Publishers 

A group of British website publishers sued Google, alleging that the United States corporation and its parent Alphabet misused its dominant position in online advertising, reducing their revenues by up to 40%.  Read the full article.

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