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Welcome back to Friday Five! This week, we review how Google and Facebook agreed to pay UK news publishers for their content, European Union proposed a ‘no pay’ model for academic publishing, Google Cloud has partnered with Mayo Clinic, Apple's Vision Pro could change the publishing industry, and AI principles impact the digital content industry. 

Google and Facebook to Pay UK News Publishers for Content

Google and Facebook agreed to pay £500 million ($645 million) to UK news publishers for showing their content in search results and news feeds. The settlement is a major victory for UK news publishers who have been fighting for years to receive fair compensation from tech giants. This is also a sign that Google and Facebook are willing to collaborate with publishers to find a solution that works for everyone. Read the full article

European Union Proposes ‘No Pay’ Model for Academic Publishing

The European Union’s council has proposed a “no pay” model for academic publishing, which would make scholarly articles completely free to readers and authors. The representatives of publishers have said the council has not outlined important details, such as how the model will be funded. The timeline for implementing any changes to the European Union’s policy remains uncertain. Read the full article.

Google Cloud is Partnering with Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic and Google Cloud have partnered together to implement generative AI to enhance patient care. With the use of generative AI, new content such as images or text, can be produced from existing data. This partnership could lead to greater medical research, personalized treatment plans, and new diagnostic tools. Read the full article

Apple’s Vision Pro Changing the Publishing Industry

Apple’s Vision Pro is a new virtual reality platform that could allow publishers to create immersive and interactive experiences. This may provide publishers access to new opportunities, such as virtual tours, interactive textbooks, or even games. Publishers may face several difficulties, such as the price of the specialized hardware and the complexity of the platform. Overall, Vision Pro is a promising new technology that has the potential to transform the publishing industry. Read the full article

AI Principles for the Digital Content Industry

InPublishing discusses the challenges and opportunities that artificial intelligence brings to the digital content industry. While it’s true AI can transform the way we produce, distribute, and consume information, it’s also critical to be aware of the potential risks and ethical issues. Calling for the creation of a set of AI principles may help ensure it’s used in a responsible way. Read the full article.

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