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Friday Five - February 3rd

It’s finally Friday, and we’re thrilled to be back! In this edition of Friday Five, we review journals banning the use of ChatGPT, the global digital subscription snapshot from FIPP, subscription brands streamlining cancellation processes, Spotify’s Q4 earnings, and the latest big tech layoffs.  

Science Journals Ban ChatGPT as Co-Authors  

Science journals are banning ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, as a co-author on academic papers. The ban is due to concerns over the AI model’s ability to generate text that is indistinguishable from human writing, leading to concerns about the authorship and originality of the work. Read the article.  

Global Digital Subscription Snapshot 

FIPP provided the Global Digital Subscription Snapshot for the fourth quarter of 2022. This report encompasses a wealth of data and insights related to the growth of digital subscriptions, pricing models, consumer behavior, and various other trends shaping the industry. Read the article

Subscription Brands Ease Cancellation 

Subscription brands are making it easier to cancel plans due to increased competition and the need to retain customers. This allows customers to have more control over their spending and maintain a good relationship with the brand. Read the article

Spotify Quarter 4 Earnings  

Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, admitted in a Q4 earnings call that the company overinvested in podcasts, but remains optimistic about its long-term potential. The company reported a rise in revenue and paid subscribers, but its stock declined. Ek stated that Spotify is focused on improving its core music streaming business and maximizing returns in the podcast market. Read the article

The Latest Big Tech Layoffs 

Tech companies including Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Meta, and more have announced layoffs due to the economic slowdown. The job cuts come as the tech sector experiences slower growth and decreased revenues. Read the article

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