Kelly Grace

Friday Five For August 12th

The number of articles, opinion pieces, and blog entries posted on the internet might be daunting but staying up to date with current industry trends helps us stay ahead of the curve. Here are five topics that caught our attention this week: 

  • England’s Oxford University Press is moving to an online portal to provide “streamlined access to scholarly content.” – Read the full article 

  • Stephen King, the author of The Shining, Carrie, and many other fan favorites is set to testify for the government in a book merger trial – Read the full article 

  • Meta, Facebook’s parent company reports a 36% drop in profits, for the first time ever…- Read the full article  

  • Since 2017, the sale of mass-market paperbacks has been declining but publishers say they still have an audience – Read the full article 

  • Disney+ profits increase by 50 percent and added 14.4 million new subscribers surpassing Netflix…- Read the full article

What industry insights did you discover this week?  

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