Kelly Grace

Friday Five For July 29

Every day, the number of articles, opinion pieces, and blog posts shared on the internet can be overwhelming but staying up to date on industry trends allows us to stay ahead of the curve. Here are five issues that sparked our interest this week:

  •   Newspapers are dying at a steady rate in the United States but former Economist Magazine’s Digital Operation Manager, Susan Clark, recently launched a print newspaper for the small town of Redding, Connecticut. Read about the challenges Susan faces and how she’s encouraging others to follow her lead. – Read the full article

  • Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. reported its slowest quarterly revenue in two years... – Read the full article.

  • Monthly subscriptions are making their way to the automotive industry.  BMW announced its monthly subscription for heated seats to British drivers. – Read the full article.

  • Google plans to push out the demise of third-party tracking cookies until 2024. This is the second time Google has held off removing tracking cookies. – Read the full article.

  • 99-year-old publisher Time is entering the NFT (non-fungible tokens) market and now accepts 33 cryptocurrencies for subscriptions. Could this be the future for digital subscriptions and publishers? – Read the full article.

What industry insights have you come across this week? 

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