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Friday Five for October 7th

Welcome back to Friday Five! This edition covers the New York Times and subscription revenues, Yahoo acquiring The Factual, a forecast for digital subscribers in 2023, Google facing a lawsuit in the UK & EU, and the future of data storytelling at Forbes Insights. 

The New York Times Well Poised on Subscription Revenues 

Newspaper organizations have been moving resources into online publications because of fast digitalization in the primary areas of advertising and inclination of readers toward the Internet. The New York Times anticipates an 11-13% growth in overall third-quarter subscription sales, with digital subscription revenues increasing 21-25%. Read the full article

Yahoo Acquires The Factual 

Yahoo announced the acquisition of The Factual, an AI-powered news rating platform. The Factual uses artificial intelligence to assess the reliability of publications. The company’s mission is to showcase knowledge, and honesty, and eliminate political biases. Read the full article

Forecast for Digital Subscribers in 2023 

Digital subscriptions are offering some relief to local news publishers in the United States. According to subscription experts, Mather Economics predicts the number of digital subscribers to US publications will surpass print readers in 2023. Read the full article. 

Google Faces Lawsuit in UK & EU  

Google faces a lawsuit in the United Kingdom and European Union for anticompetitive behavior in the digital advertising industry. Google, a prominent participant in the online advertising market and a dominant force in search, is accused of abusing its influence between publishers and advertisers. Read the full article

Building the Future of Data Storytelling 

The new Senior Vice President of Forbes Insights, Janett Haas, is striving to shape the future of data storytelling by focusing on sustainability, talent/education, healthcare, and more… Read the full article

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