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Friday Five - January 20th

Welcome back to Friday Five, where you can stay up to date on the latest developments and news in the industry! In this edition, we review podcasts and newsletter strategies for publishers, Google’s $23 million settlement over privacy issues, a new law forcing Big Tech to pay for news, Spotify facing financial challenges, and Amazon’s new “buy with Prime” feature. 

Podcasts and Newsletters Strategy for Publishers 

According to the Reuter Institute’s annual study, the pandemic has accelerated the decline of traditional media, resulting in employee layoffs and the closing of news outlets. According to the research, the spread of disinformation will be a serious concern in 2023, making it harder for news organizations to gain credibility. Read the full article

Google’s $23 Million Settlement Over Privacy Issues 

Google has agreed to pay $23 million to resolve charges that it violated children’s privacy laws on YouTube. The deal is subject to court approval and would be the largest settlement secured by the Federal Trade Commission in a children’s privacy case. Read the full article

New Law Forcing Big Tech to Pay for News 

The National Union of Journalists in the U.K. and the NewsGuild in the U.S. come at the proposed Journalism Competition and Preservation Act from two different angles. Read the full article.  

Spotify Needs More Profits  

Spotify’s financial challenges in becoming profitable, despite its large user base and popularity, are discussed in The Washington Post. The company is dealing with rising competition as well as expensive royalties to music labels and artists. In order to turn a profit, Spotify needs to discover a new way to earn income. Read the full article

Amazon’s ‘Free’ Shipping Subscription 

Amazon has expanded its “Buy with Prime” feature, allowing Prime members to make purchases without leaving the website or app they’re currently using. This functionality is now available on over 100,000 websites and applications. This expansion is part of Amazon’s attempts to improve the shopping experience for Prime members and make it easier to buy on third-party sites. Read the full article.  

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