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Friday Five - January 6th

Welcome back to Friday Five, your go-to source for the latest industry trends and news! This week, we talk about The Atlantic’s new dynamic paywall, Amazon ending kindle publishing for periodicals, Spotify’s stock declining, Shopify’s new subscription product, and Meta's $414 million fine. 

The Atlantic Introduces Dynamic Paywall

The Atlantic is rolling out a new paywall in January that will offer different subscription prices depending on the reader’s behavior. It currently has around 860,000 subscribers, with 42% being digital-only and 58% being print and digital subscribers. The company hopes to add 125,000 subscribers over the next two years with the new paywall. Read the full article

Amazon Ending Kindle Publishing for Periodicals

Amazon is phasing out its Kindle Publishing for Periodicals program in September, which includes print and digital magazine and newspaper subscriptions and single-issue sales on Kindle Newsstand in the United States. Subscribers will be notified about the changes in March and will have until September to cancel or move their subscriptions elsewhere. Read the full article.

Trouble for Spotify’s Stock

Spotify’s stock has declined significantly in the past year, and the company faces growing competition from other streaming services. Nevertheless, analysts are optimistic about its future due to its strong brand and financial standing. Spotify has been expanding its offerings beyond music streaming through acquisitions like Gimlet Media and Anchor FM. Read the full article

Shopify’s New Subscription Product

Shopify has launched a new service called Commerce Components, allowing large retailers to choose tools and services from the company to integrate with their own online platforms. The service allows retailers to select back-office services and other components, such as checkout for their existing online businesses. Read the full article.

Meta Fined $414 Million in Europe 

The Irish Data Protection Commission has fined Facebook parent Meta $414 million over privacy violations. The EU regulator also banned the company from forcing users in the 27-nation bloc to agree to personalized ads based on their activity. Read the full article.

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