Kelly Grace

Friday Five - November 4th

Welcome back to Friday Five! In this edition, we cover Apple’s new pricing for subscription offerings, Spotify’s third-quarter subscriber report, book prices rising due to production costs, Meta using AI for news tabs, and why trusted journalism is so important.  

Streaming Costs Keep Rising 

Apple has increased the rates of three of its streaming services: Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple One, a subscription package that offers access to multiple services for one monthly fee. Read the full article

Spotify Hits 195-Million Paid Subscribers 

The popular streaming service ended the third quarter with 7 million new paying subscribers, totaling 195 million, with plans to reach 200 million by the end of 2022. Even though Spotify’s gross profit margin is down by two points from the previous year. Read the full article

Book Prices Set to Rise  

Companies are attempting to limit price increases by using less expensive paper and increasing print runs as raw material and energy costs rise. Read the full article

Trusted Journalism More Important Than Ever 

InPublishing is staying on trend for Journalism Matters week and explains the critical role journalism plays in helping families navigate the cost-of-living crisis. Read the full article.  

Meta Replacing Facebook News Tabs with AI 

Meta intends to end human curation of the United Kingdom Facebook News tab and replace it with an entirely automated system. Claiming that news is no longer a priority for Facebook and its users. Read the full article

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