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We’re back with another edition of Friday Five! This week, we talk about publishers voicing copyright concerns over Microsoft’s chatbot, Meta receiving a recording-breaking privacy fine, news publishers demanding payment from tech giants, the unveiling of the 45th FIPP World Media Congress, and The Washington Post offering $5 to new subscribers when they pay with Venmo. 

Publishers’ Voice Copyright Concerns Over Microsoft’s Chatbot 

Microsoft has introduced a new tool that allows publishers to add chatbot technology to their websites and earn revenue from ads that appear within the chat. However, publishers are not particularly thrilled about the new tool, voicing their concerns about copyright and accuracy risks. Read the full article.

Meta Hit with Recording-Breaking Privacy Fine

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has been fined $1.3 billion by the European Union for violating the bloc’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The fine is the largest ever imposed under the GDPR, and it comes after years of complaints from EU regulators. Read the full article

News Publishers Demand Payment from Tech Giants

News publishers around the world are seeking financial compensation from tech giants like Google and Meta for using their content. The publishers are arguing that the tech giants are profiting from their content without compensating them. The negotiations between the publishers and tech giants are ongoing. Read the full article

45th FIPP World Media Congress: Sneak Peek

The 45th FIPP World Media Congress will take place in Cascais, Portugal from June 6-8, 2023. The conference will bring together executives from a wide cross-section of media and technology sectors to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the publishing industry. The conference is expected to attract over 1,000 attendees from around the world. Read the full article

The Washington Post Offers $5 to New Subscribers

The Washington Post is offering new subscribers $5 when they pay with Venmo. The collaboration between The Washington Post and Venmo aims to attract new readers and leverage the popularity of the mobile payment platform. The Washington Post hopes to encourage more users to subscribe and engage with their content. Read the full article

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