Cindy Twiss

Hope Clinic Fundraiser a Success

In the sixteen months since the pandemic really took hold, the stories of loss and tragedy have been ever-present. Of course, the huge loss of life is first and foremost, but also highly significant is the hardship many people have endured as businesses closed, some temporarily but quite a few for good. Jobs disappeared or were lost due to lack of childcare and many people with important but not life-threatening health issues did not seek medical help.

We at AdvantageCS have been truly fortunate. While our business was certainly affected, we never closed and all but a very few jobs continued uninterrupted. That’s one reason we were pleased to hold our 11th annual fundraiser in June for Hope Clinic (, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing free care (medical, dental, food, and more) to those in need. 

In this past year and a half, the demand for their services has been particularly great. Hope has stepped up to meet that challenge, expanding its meal services and increasing the amount of groceries they give away. 

AdvantageCS has a special connection to Hope Clinic — the organization was founded by Dr. Dan Heffernan, the late father of our Vice President & Chief Product Manager, Dan Heffernan, Jr. Our fundraiser raised $15,280 (made up of AdvantageCS employee contributions and company matching funds) to support Hope Clinic’s vital efforts. 

Thank you, Hope Clinic, for the essential work you do!

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