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Keesing Media Group Live on Advantage

Congratulations to Keesing Media Group (KMG), on recently going live on Advantage. Seven puzzle magazines were purchased from Aller Media in 2019 and were selected to be converted to Advantage.

The project began in the fourth quarter of 2019. The KMG team included Joost Freriks, Marie Gabrielson, Anders Juhlin, Sharon Lewis, Jaap Nijman, Felix van der Sommen and Lena Thelenius. On the AdvantageCS side, the major players included Levi Hyssong, Binoy Philip, Mark Sauter and Tim Zapawa. In addition, the project received assistance through the involvement of a team from Aller Media.

“During this project, we migrated the running Aller Media subscriptions seamlessly into our AdvantageCS area. Besides the technical tasks (mainly setup of integrations and data conversion), this also meant that the subscriptions had to be adjusted to the Keesing subscription business rules. We started with a pilot publication, and not much later the others joined. I’m grateful for the commitment and team spirit of everyone involved which led to a successful project,” said Joost Freriks, KMG project manager.

The next phase of the international implementation is slated to go live later this year.

Keesing Media Group (KMG) is the largest puzzle and “braintainment” company in Europe. They have operations in multiple European countries including the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany, and are continuing to expand through acquisitions. Keesing has experienced strong circulation growth in recent months, as people working from home or sheltering-in-place have had more time to spend on puzzles.

Congratulations to both teams!

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