Taking you where you need to go

You’re an innovator in the world of consumer retail. By selling specialty items as boxed sets online, your firm built in cost savings for your customers and efficiencies for you. Orchestrating the interface is where Advantage comes in.

We help you manage all the activities as you sell directly to the consumer and deliver their order directly from your stock in your warehouse. Advantage can integrate your various platforms and make sure that all of your operations run smoothly. 

Plus, with our eCommerce platform, Cider, which integrates with any other tool you have, you can keep your supply chain flowing and achieving the turns of inventory you need to be profitable. 

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Do you need solution sets for these functions?Advantage delivers.

  • Component flexibility, repeat order
  • Variable frequencies
  • Promotional pricing
  • eCommerce and self-service
  • Retention
  • Inventory control         
  • Auto charge through direct debit, credit card, digital wallet
  • Vast API, reporting and integration toolbox

Contact us to find out how we can deliver for your box subscription business.