Paul DesRosiers

Make a Statement with Detailed Statements

Sending a clear and concise, yet detailed, invoice to your customers for every order is critical to receive accurate and timely payments. But some customers want to see a single statement that includes multiple orders, with the detail for each transaction.

This is where the Detailed Statements feature in Advantage comes into play.

Detailed Statements allows you to generate a single statement number that covers multiple invoices for a customer and tracks billing efforts against that statement. It also provides the linkage from that statement back to the order details. This allows you to access the in-depth information and present it to the customer at the level of detail that you choose.

Whether you provide an invoice representing a single debit to your customers or a statement that lists multiple invoices, Advantage has you covered. Make a statement with your statements. A professional invoice, summary statement, and detailed statement are each available to your customers and readily customizable to suit your needs.

For more information, please contact your Advantage representative.

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