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Mediahuis Goes Live on Advantage

Congratulations to Mediahuis Netherlands who recently went live on the final wave of their multi-phase migration to Advantage. This phase saw the conversion of Netherland’s largest newspaper, De Telegraaf, as well as their magazines and other publications. Mediahuis is now planning to launch new products and bring newly acquired business units onto Advantage soon.

Xavier van Leeuwe, Director of B2C Mediahuis Netherlands, called it “a wonderful launch” and congratulated the teams that worked on the entire multi-phase project. “I would like to express our gratitude to you for the fantastic (double) launch of Advantage and the data warehouse at Mediahuis Nederland. Projects of this size and complexity are rare. But it was a great ride. Your commitment serves as an example to others.” 

He went on to say: “We know it was intense. The output was great and the input knew no bounds. People often worked late into the night. There were teams in Portugal, America, Belgium and the Netherlands. Many bumps, and sometimes mountains, had to be overcome, and all this at a distance due to COVID-19 measures. But you all succeeded. From now on it all really starts with Advantage!”

The Mediahuis project team included: Danielle Bakker, Dennis Borghoff, Dominiek Gillisjans, Ed Erhardt, Ernest Meppe, Fred van der Pol, Inge Loeffen, Jan Zoomers, Jerry Wierda, Johan van den Berg, Johan Thijsen, José Dielhoff, Joseph Veerman, Martin van der Poel, Maryn van Stiphout, Michel van den Bosch, Monique Jongejans, Pablo Ravestein, Peter Lindeman, Petruschka Ouwens, Reinoud de Lange, Robert van Ruiswijk, Roel Bos, Rui Sousa, Sanne Krosse, Theo Kroon, Frank Betjes, Dennis Borghoff, Barbara Lokhorst, Christopher Kenis and Koen Vandaele.

The ACS team consisted of Jon Bartholomay (who relocated his family to The Netherlands for three months), Paul DesRosiers, Mike Hasey, Binoy Philip, Bill Pinard, Dave Rees, Mark Sauter, Philippe van Mastrigt, Daryl Vautour and Tim Zapawa.

Mediahuis Netherlands (formerly known as Telegraaf Media Groep, or TMG) was acquired in full by Mediahuis in 2017 and started their Advantage implementation project in May 2018.

After determining that developing an in-house solution to replace their separate fulfillment systems was not feasible, Mediahuis conducted a thorough search and chose Advantage in 2017 as the replacement system to support their business. 

Mediahuis is a newspaper publisher based in Belgium which was founded in 2013 as a joint venture of two Flemish corporations---Corelio and Concentra. The company’s roots, however, date back to 1879 when its first newspaper was published. Today’s Mediahuis encompasses radio stations, television stations, websites, and classified platforms, and, with the acquisition of Telegraaf Media Groep, it added a large group of daily and weekly publications and doubled its circulation size.

Congratulations to all on a successful multi-phase, multi-year project!

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