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Mediahuis Luxembourg is Live on Advantage

I just returned from a two week visit to Belgium and Luxembourg to support the go-live of the most recent Mediahuis division to implement Advantage, Mediahuis Luxembourg.   Mediahuis Luxembourg is the publisher of Luxembourg's largest newspaper, Luxemburger Wort, as well as magazines such as Télécran and Contacto.  The project (codename: "Pluto") was to migrate the subscriptions to these publications onto an already live instance of Advantage.  Unlike implementing a brand new client, onboarding these subscriptions into an existing instance without service interruptions is, in some respects, like installing upgrades to your car while it is already roaring down the highway; it requires careful and precise management. 

That management was provided by Project Manager Joachim Van Waes, who kept all the plates spinning harmoniously from start to finish, even with the added complexity of an Advantage upgrade happening in the middle of the migration. He held regular status meetings with the whole group (which included  Philippe Rowland and Alan Cherney (me) from AdvantageCS), and a comprehensive roadmap kept everyone accountable throughout. We collaborated well, developed positive relationships, and even during launch weekend when we had to put in extra hours, the room was full of smiles. All of this was responsible for this project's very smooth launch.  

How smooth? During the final data conversion on launch weekend, there were zero errors from the built-in Advantage conversion processes. Not fifty… not twenty… not even a couple "ignorable" errors. Across 565,000 subscription terms, 80,000 customers and several other smaller migrations into Advantage, zero. While a low number of easily-resolved errors is common for a well-run project, this golden goose-egg sets the new standard for precise project management and crystal-clear data quality.   

Congratulations Mediahuis Luxembourg, and welcome! 

Mediahuis Luxembourg Team Celebration Luxembourg City Mediahuis Team

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