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Meet Team Nexus

As of late, more and more AdvantageCS clients are adopting Advantage’s web platforms and realizing their many benefits. One in high demand is our Cider eCommerce platform. Cider empowers publishers and member organizations to configure and deploy a fully integrated eCommerce website that supports each step of an Advantage transaction. Another important offering is Advantage SSO (Single Sign-On), which is a cloud-based SaaS solution that manages customer authentications and entitlements across numerous applications. Though these web platforms are part of the overall Advantage solution, they target a different audience. Both Cider and SSO are designed as customer-facing applications. In contrast, Advantage, an enterprise-wide application that provides subscription and membership management, is designed for business end-users. As demand has grown, AdvantageCS has created an additional team focused solely on our web platforms. 

And, with that, we at AdvantageCS are pleased to introduce you to Team Nexus.

The dictionary definition of “Nexus” is “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.” Because the web links the world together, “Nexus” was the perfect choice for the name of AdvantageCS’ newest web development team. Together, the three talented software engineers that now comprise Team Nexus will focus primarily on Advantage’s Cider eCommerce and SSO web platforms, building new features and providing dedicated services to respective clients.  

With his ten years of experience here at AdvantageCS, Ryan Powers is excited to now step into a new role as the Team Nexus leader. Prior to this, he worked with our development team, focusing primarily on implementing new features for Advantage and Cider. After working on Cider, his interest in web development grew. Ryan is originally from St. Clair Shores, Michigan, attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and graduating in Computer Science. Growing up, he was the type of kid that liked to tinker with things and take them apart. He quips, “Most of the time, I could put them back together.” Though he has always been interested in technology, Ryan didn’t have experience in programming until after his first semester in college. Outside of work, Ryan says that you can usually find him playing video games, but he also likes to play volleyball and go snowboarding. 

Also eager to be joining Team Nexus is Rachel Lipa, who says she’s excited to focus on full-stack web development. She adds that “I look forward to collaborating with my teammates, using my previous web development experience and honoring my commitment to deliver high-quality software products.” Prior to Nexus, Rachel also worked on our product development team, primarily focusing on implementing software modifications. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Michigan and originally from Saline, Michigan, Rachel first became interested in software development while taking an introductory programming class. From her first experience writing code, she found that she enjoyed it, appreciating how programming involves problem-solving and attention to detail. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and baking yeast bread. 

Completing Team Nexus is Brian Roskamp. Brian was heavily involved in the initial research and development for both of Advantage’s web platforms, including the original Cider project. He is enthusiastic to bring all his development experience and expertise to Nexus, saying, “I’m excited that we’ll have dedicated engineering resources that can focus on Advantage’s web platforms. My years of Cider experience have largely been focused on the development side, so I’m looking forward to getting more involved with directly supporting our clients.” Originally from Howell, Michigan, Brian received a Computer Science degree from the University of Michigan. Brian’s initial interest in the development process started early on, watching Star Trek with his dad. He says, “I remember being enamored by the beautifully laid out user interfaces I would see while watching ‘The Next Generation’ and dreamt of making my own one day.” When he’s not behind a screen, Brian enjoys hobbies that keep him away from it, including cooking and building replica props from his favorite TV shows and movies. 

With the formation of Team Nexus, AdvantageCS looks forward to offering new capabilities and support for all of Advantage’s web platforms.  

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