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Friday Five: Latest Industry News & Updates

Welcome back to Friday Five! In this issue, we review OpenAI launching ChatGPT Team subscription, Microsoft introducing Copilot Pro subscriptions, Netflix testing a retail deal with Carrefour, Schibsted News Media implementing AI Audio, and online News publishers increasing prices. 

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Team Subscription

OpenAI is launching a new subscription called “ChatGPT Team”, which is targeted at small businesses. The plan offers a dedicated workplace with management tools for teams up to 149 people. All users can access OpenAI's latest models, such as GPT-4 (generative text) and DALL-E 3 (creates pictures). Pricing ranges from $25-$30 per user per month. Read More on TechCrunch.

Microsoft Introduces Copilot Pro Subscriptions

Microsoft has introduced Copilot Pro, a premium subscription for its AI companion Copilot. Copilot Pro offers faster access to advanced features, a seamless AI experience across devices, and integration with Microsoft 365 apps, such as Word and Excel. Microsoft is expanding its AI offerings to businesses of all sizes, with hopes of making it more accessible and affordable. Read More on PYMNTS.

Netflix Testing Retail Deal with Carrefour

Netflix is testing a new strategy to attract users to its lowest subscription plan by partnering with French retailer, Carrefour, in a limited offer. Customers in Bordeaux and Rouen can bundle the ad-supported Netflix plan for €5.99 with 10% discounts on Carrefour groceries “plus free shipping on orders above €60”. If the new strategy is successful, the partnership could expand across France. Read More on Bloomberg.

Schibsted News Media has Success with AI Audio

Schibsted News Media has implemented AI-powered audio articles across its platforms to deepen customer engagement and attract new consumers. They partnered with BeyondWords to develop a custom “Aftenposten Robot" AI voice which led to higher article completion rates, engagement, and value for subscribers. Schibsted plans to expand this approach by commissioning more custom AI voices in Norway and Sweden. Read more on INMA.

Online News Publishers Increase Prices

Press Gazette analyzed 23 leading paywall publishers in the UK and found a 19% increase in the price of digital news subscriptions over the past year. The increase in online news subscription costs surpasses the country's inflation rate, which is currently around 5%. Bloomberg's annual digital subscription increased by 50%, from £199 to £299, while The Telegraph and The New Statesman had increases of 42% and 84%. Read More on Press Gazette.

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