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Friday Five: Publishing Updates & Subscription News

Kickstart your weekend with the latest edition of Friday Five! In this issue, we dive into Hearst Magazine's growing e-commerce marketplace, LIFE magazine returning to circulation, The Atlantic reaching 1 million subscriptions, publishers needing to change subscription policies, and Spotify changing prices and plans. 

Hearst Magazines Grows e-Commerce Marketplace

Last year, Hearst Magazines launched an e-commerce marketplace focused on enthusiasts and wellness topics. Through strategic partnerships and drop-ship agreements with third-party retailers, Hearst experienced significant growth in affiliate and commerce revenue with commission rates reaching up to 30%. Read More on DIGIDAY.

LIFE Magazine Returns to Circulation

After over 20 years, LIFE magazine is returning to circulation. Karlie Kloss and her husband, Joshua Kushner, are reviving the publication in both print and digital formats. Their media company, Bedford Media, will oversee operations and distribution through a partnership with Dotdash Meredith. Read More on Parade

The Atlantic Reaches 1 Million Subscriptions

The Atlantic has reached over 1 million subscriptions, marking a significant achievement. Additionally, it has been recognized for its journalistic excellence, winning Pulitzer Prizes and receiving nominations for National Magazine Awards. Read More on The Atlantic

Publishers Need to Change Subscription Policies

The Digital Markets Competition and Consumers Bill proposes stricter guidelines, which would change how publishers handle subscriptions in the United Kingdom. As part of these changes, online subscriptions must now provide online cancellation options for customer convenience. Read More on Press Gazette.

Spotify Changing Prices and Plans

Spotify is raising prices on its subscription plans in some countries for the second time in a year. They will also introduce a new plan that offers music and podcasts for the current premium price; however, it will not include audiobooks. Read More on Bloomberg.

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