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SFG – AdvantageCS Partnership – Who Wants to Outsource?

In May, we announced a new partnership between AdvantageCS and SFG (see press release here).  SFG is a service and technology company located in Big Sandy, Texas, with decades of experience serving organizations in such areas as order processing, fulfillment, call center, payment processing, and lettershop services.  We at AdvantageCS have been seeing a growing trend over the last 10 years: publishers want to outsource some or all of these functions.  Many prospects have already outsourced them and come to a software supplier like us expecting that we will provide the software platform and we have partners that will handle the rest. 

Prior to this partnership, publishers had few choices if they wanted to outsource these functions but stay on Advantage.  There are a number of service bureau companies that use Advantage, but many organizations don’t want to lose the control that an “in-house” system provides, so are reluctant to fully outsource their systems and processing to a service bureau/fulfillment partner. 

As we launched Members Advantage last year, we found in our conversations with membership associations that they were even more prone to outsourcing than publishers.  In conversations with industry consultants, we decided to investigate a new model:  being a software supplier with a partner who could offer the various services that membership organizations and publishers would want to outsource.  This is really, truly a new twist.  Most software suppliers will host and manage the software, but few of them have service partners their clients can turn to for outsourcing various related services.

The benefits to our clients, both current and future, are huge.  They get the best software in the world and don’t have to hire call center agents, or handle payment processing in-house, or do their own order entry.

Are you an existing AdvantageCS client who is thinking of outsourcing some of your functions?  If so, let’s talk about it. 

Are you not yet an AdvantageCS client but are looking for this kind of arrangement?  Just click on the red envelope on this page to get in contact!

We’re thrilled with this new partnership and are looking forward to seeing our clients benefit from this unique arrangement.

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