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Streamline Customer Service with PCI Pal

Even with online self-service tools, a significant section of customers still prefer managing their subscriptions and memberships over the phone, so it’s nice to know that Advantage can easily support these kinds of interactions. Though it is true that the traditional use of phone communication has declined over the years, it remains a powerful business tool for building customer relationships and encouraging brand loyalty. Let us explore the many ways Advantage can help handle each step of a customer service phone call, from the first ring until the order transaction is processed.

When someone first calls in, Advantage’s telephony features can be set up to automatically find a corresponding customer record. If a match is found, your customer service representatives are automatically presented with the customer's profile and history. Advantage's telephony features enable your organization to smoothly manage customer orders, adjust subscriptions and memberships, and provide discounts or opportunities for additional purchases, all while communicating directly with the customer.

Another key part of customer support calls is handling sensitive payment information. As customers are subscribing to a new subscription or modifying their payment information for recurring billing, it is necessary for your organization to obtain payment details to process these transactions. Although Advantage can seamlessly and securely manage payment transactions, it is often required that your customers disclose their sensitive card information aloud to a customer service representative. This can leave your organization more vulnerable to fraudulent activity and data breaches, which can quickly erode your customer’s trust. 

Until now.

AdvantageCS is pleased to announce our integration with PCI Pal, a platform that allows customers to more securely enter payment information without ever leaving the conversation. Using the innovation of Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) masking, PCI Pal securely collects card information in a way that is safe and compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Using PCI Pal reduces the security burden on your organization by shielding the call center representative (and Advantage) from handling sensitive credit card information. 

Here’s how it works…

When a customer is ready to provide card information over the phone, the customer service representative simply pushes a button in Advantage to reroute the customer to a unique, secure capture session. Although the customer service rep cannot see or hear card entry, they can still chat with the customer and guide them to enter their card numbers using their phone’s keypad. During this time, payment details cannot be heard or recorded by anyone who may be listening in on the call. Alternately, PCI Pal offers voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to securely capture “spoken aloud” card numbers. This service (available in several languages) is especially helpful for visually impaired customers. 

As the customer’s card information is entered, via keypad or voice-recognition, asterisks are displayed in Advantage’s payment frame with a counter showing the number of digits entered. This allows the customer service representative to follow the transaction’s progress throughout the session. After the customer completes entry, Advantage prompts the user to click and finalize the transaction. The customer’s card information is then securely sent to the card processor (through PCI Pal) for processing. No cardholder data enters Advantage’s or your organization’s environment. This means that, from a PCI DSS perspective, your area of scope is vastly reduced. 

Implementing PCI Pal with Advantage is one of the many ways AdvantageCS can simultaneously help your organization remain PCI compliant without compromising the customer service experience.  

We would be delighted to demonstrate how Advantage’s telephony solutions can enhance your management of customer service calls. Contact us today to learn more and request a demo!

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