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Friday Five: Subscription Trends and Tech News

Start your weekend off right with the latest issue of Friday Five! In this edition, we review the LA Times new brand reaching 550k subscribers, the UK planning to ease canceling subscriptions, the world’s oldest newspaper printing its final edition, Netflix removing its basic ad-free plan, and the most popular News source in the UK. 

LA Times New Brand Reaches 550k Subscribers 

The Los Angeles Times launched a new brand called De Los, which is focused on identity and culture for English-speaking Gen Z and Millennial Latinos in the United States. The platform offers a mix of commentary, comics, videos, and community events. Currently, the paper has 550,000 digital subscriptions, including those that come from third-party apps. Read More on Axios.

UK Plans to Ease Canceling Subscriptions

The UK government is planning to make it easier for people to cancel subscriptions. The plan would require companies to give customers a 14-day cooling-off period and make it easier to cancel online. The government estimates that the regulations will save consumers an estimated £400 million per year. Read More on Financial Times.

World’s Oldest Newspaper Prints Final Edition

The Wiener Zeitung, the world's oldest national newspaper, closed after 320 years due to declining readership and advertising revenue. The newspaper was founded in 1703 and was published daily until its closure. This marks the end of an era in the media industry, reflecting the challenges faced by print publications in the digital age. Read More on The Guardian.

Netflix Removes Basic Ad-Free Plan

Netflix removed its basic ad-free plan in the US and UK. The basic plan, which was $9.99 per month, is no longer available to new users. Existing subscribers can keep this plan, but new users will have to choose between the standard plan at $15.49 per month or the premium plan at $19.99 per month. Read More on The Verge.

Most Popular News Source in the UK

TikTok is becoming a popular source of news in the UK, especially among younger users. In 2022, 3.9 million UK adults aged 16 and over, used TikTok as a source of news. Now, one in ten adults use the platform, putting it on par with The Guardian. This trend is likely to continue in the years to come as TikTok continues to evolve and attract new users. Read More on Press Gazette

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