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Sunrise Services: Meet our Analysts on the 4:00 AM Shift

AdvantageCS serves a diverse array of clients across the globe. Providing services across many countries presents some unique challenges. The main challenge is time zones when connecting with international clients. For example, a Parisian office might open at 9:00 AM which corresponds to 3:00 AM at our headquarters in Ann Arbor. 

AdvantageCS has taken steps to ensure that services are available for our clients at all hours. The Advantage Support Center offers 24/7 emergency support with a dedicated team working around the clock. If you’ve contacted customer support early in the morning Eastern time, chances are you’ve worked with either Stephen Oller or Angie Markel Lampi

Angie and Stephen, both business analysts, generally work from 4:00 AM until at least noon EST. They handle issues that UK/European clients have submitted to the support inbox and participate in status or other client meetings. Although there is always an analyst on call for emergency support, Angie and Stephen handle as many emergency issues as possible during their workday. 

“It’s very effective to have Angie and Stephen on the early shift, addressing issues from the UK and Europe,” says Scott Ghormley, Support Services Manager. “Our clients enjoy working with them both and they do a great job.”

Angie Markel Lampi

With 20 years of experience, Angie is well versed in Advantage and has expert insight to give on almost any issue. Clients are consistently happy with Angie’s work. After she helped resolve an issue recently, the client expressed appreciation for her help throughout the process; reporting “[Angie] was extremely helpful, and we appreciate how quickly she was able to assist us.” Angie recently went back to school for her master’s degree and has now graduated with a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Stephen has been working at AdvantageCS since he graduated from college in 2013. He has supported clients throughout many upgrades and projects with hard work and in-depth analysis that have earned him praise from a number of clients. One European client recounted “Stephen has been a star [in this project,] and very efficient, as always.” 

Fellow analyst Eric Burbeck passed along praise from another client Stephen steered through a recent upgrade: “They feel that the project went very well. They say Stephen did a great job and they’re happy with the result.”

Stephen Oller

A work shift starting at 4:00 AM can be challenging, but Angie and Stephen have found ways to make the most of their unique schedules. Stephen enjoys getting out of work at noon because it’s much easier to schedule appointments and handle errands as the banks are open, the lines are short and there are hours of daylight left. 

Angie enjoys working in the quiet of the morning. She splits her workday, taking a two-hour break in the middle of it, which made it much easier for her to study for her master’s degree. Angie was able to be involved in her kids’ after-school activities, while still having evenings open for studying. 

When it comes to early morning support, you can rest assured that Angie and Stephen are on the case.

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